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Step Five A: Find Extra Money to Invest.

29 Ways to Find Extra Money for Investing

Many potential Investors are put off by the thought that they simply don't have any money to start with.   After mortgage payments, school fees, holidays, taxes etc. there just doesn't seem to be any left over at the end of the month.   If you follow the Simple Budget Here you will get your finances under control and be able to put some aside for your future.   If you put aside 10% of $1,000,000 and Compounded for 25 years you will accumulate $7,895,000 at an average interest of 8% per year.   Yes, I know that there are taxes, bank fees etc. on the Capital Growth but the principle doesn't alter.

You will Earn over a Million Dollars in the Next 30 Years - How Much will you Keep?

OK.   So you have worked your Budget out, you have $3,000 per year you can save but you are 57 years young and don't have 25 years to retirement for the compounding to really kick in.   In this situation you will need to be able to find or make some extra money.   Guess what is on the rest of this page? What a champion you are!   Yes, discover 29 Ways to Find Extra Money for Investing.

  1. Open an Interest-Bearing Cheque Account.
  2. Take Advantage of the Magic of Compound Interest.
  3. Actively Look for the Best Interest Rates.
  4. Change to an Account which Pays Interest on the Daily Balance.
  5. Regular Saving Pays Dividends.
  6. Look Around for a Lower Cost Stockbroker.
  7. Discount Brokers can also Save you Money.
  8. Avoid Group Contribution Type of Savings Plans.
  9. Use Options to Increase Share Income Through Leverage.
  10. Use you Credit Card to Ease your Cash Flow - Not as an Expensive Loan.
  11. Choose your Credit Card with care - Only Own and Use Two Cards.
  12. Cash Advances on your Credit Card are More Expensive than you Think.
  13. Do Not Borrow Money to Buy Liabilities.
  14. If you do need a Loan - Borrow from your Bank.
  15. Borrow against your Life Insurance Policy.
  16. Examine ways to Make your Salary go Further by Salary Packaging.
  17. Use Gearing to Multiply Profits.
  18. Negative Gearing can Increase your Investment Returns.
  19. Pay Extra off your Home Mortgage.
  20. Set up an Interest Offset Account.
  21. Overdraft-Style Mortgages can Save you Money.
  22. Keep Accurate and Detailed Tax Records.
  23. Remember to Claim all your Expenses.
  24. Adjust your Interest Payment Dates to your Benefit.
  25. Maximise your Inflation Adjustment.
  26. Adjust the Timing on your Capital Gains or Losses.
  27. Income Splitting can Save Tax for Married Couples.
  28. You can Split your Income with Other Family Members - Children, Parents etc.
  29. Splitting your Assets can Also Save you Money.

In addition, there are many, many ways you can earn extra money by starting your own business.   Check out the Recommended Reading page for some extra ideas. Or have a look at the business Tips & Tools page for some ideas.

The 4 key skills you must master to succeed in the 21st century, and how others have used these to earn over $100,000.00pa.

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