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Make YOUR Writing "Hypnotise" Your Readers.

Killer Tactics Journal - 19 Jan 00

In this issue you will find:

1.  Article: The 10 Laws for Writing Letters that
    Get Results - Joe Vitale

2.  New Product: Hypnotic Writing


(Folks, today I'm going to break my own rule
and run an article from another author.  Joe
is so good that I just had to share this
with  you.  If you're one of the few that
didn't already know, Joe Vitale is regarded
by many "in the know" as the best copywriter
in America.  Joe actually "wrote the book"
on copywriting for the American Marketing
Association.  You should definitely listen
to what he has to say.  Also, be sure to
check out his new course "Hypnotic Writing".
This is a course he almost didn't want
printed because the information was "too
dangerous"! - Mark Joyner) 

1.  Article: The 10 Laws for Writing Letters
that Get Results - Joe Vitale 

The following is a letter in response to a
question about how to write sales letters.
This is something you could model in layout,
tone, and ideas, to write your own letters.
By the way, this is where your letterhead
should go. 

Dear Fellow Chicago Seminar Attendees, 

Jerry Jenkins asked me to tell you how to
write letters that get read and get results.
That's a tall order! Well, here's what I
think the "laws" are: 

1. Know what's in it for your reader. 

Get out of your ego and into your reader's
ego. Complete this sentence: "Get my book so
that you can...(fill in the blank)." Your
book (or whatever you are selling) is the
feature. What people get as a result of
having your book is the benefit. Focus on
benefits. Always! Without this, your letter
will bomb. 

2. ... 

To read the rest of this article, please

10 Laws for Writing Letters that get Results!

2.  Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

Guys, this is an amazing new product.  Joe
actually begged me *not* to release this
product for over a year.  Why?  Because he
said it was "too dangerous"!  Definitely
check this out: 

Hypnotic Writing Book 

Until next week,


Mark Joyner CEO, Aesop Marketing

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Corporation.  Please feel free to share
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