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How to Become Totally Debt FREE!

How Rich do You choose to be?

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Step One B: Exterminate YOUR Debts Forever.

A Practical Way to Become Debt Free Forever!

  1. If you have Credit Cards with Outstanding Balances.
    1. Cut up ALL Your Credit Cards except for 1 or 2.
    2. Pay Off any New Charges to these Cards Every Month.
    3. Do Not Add any New Long Term Debt to these Cards.
  2. Save or Earn an Extra $150 - $200 Per Month.
  3. Pay this Extra Money off ONE Credit Card each Month until it is Paid Off.
  4. Continue to Pay the Minimum of ALL your Credit Cards each Month.
  5. Once One Card is paid Off Apply the TOTAL amount to a Second Card.
  6. Continue until All Your Credit Cards are Paid Off.
  7. Apply the Same Method to your Car and House Loans.
  8. Do Not Borrow Money for Consumer Goods Ever Again.
  9. Use this Monthly Amount to Build Your Assets.
Using this Simple Method, most People can become Debt Free
in 3 to 7 Years and Wealthy in 10 to 15 Years.

Not all Credit Cards are Created Equal!

As You would know, some Credit Cards allow You up to 55 days Interest Free. Did You also know that those Credit Cards all Charge Interest if You Use them for Cash rather than Purchases?

If you did - Excellent!

But, did You know that the Interest is Charged for the Whole amount on the Card for the Month - Not Just the Cash Withdrawal?   And the Interest continues to be Charged until the Card is Cleared!   No!   Nor Did I until Recently.   I felt Cheated when I discovered this Little Known Bankers Trick!   I Promised Myself to never be caught again.

Save Money with the Two Card Trick!

Carry 2 Credit Cards.   One which Charges Interest for the Total Purchases and One which has 55 Interest Free Days.   Pay Both off in Full each Month.   Only use the 55 Days Card for Purchases.   When You need Cash, use the Other Card.

How Long will it Take to become Totally Debt Free?

It took me a Good, Steady Accumulation to get Seriously into Debt.   When I began this Process of Becoming Debt Free and Developing Personal Wealth, I had Debts equal to 5 times my Annual Salary.   I was Amazingly Successful!

Not being an Entirely Stupid Person, I knew that it would take time to Become Debt Free but the Payoff will be Huge.

Depending on Your Debt level, it might take You some Time to Become Debt Free.   Question:   Do You have the Desire to be Totally Debt Free?

Would You Feel more Relaxed knowing that You were Becoming Debt Free?

If You Don't Take control of Your Finances now, When will You?

It Starts with a Budget.

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