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eBooks for FREE.

A Beginner's Guide to Starting a High-Income Business on the Internet.

by JDD Publishing Co.
This eBook gives you all the basics to setting up, starting and running your Internet Business.   An excellent first step.   Will teach you all the terms and techniques you need to be able to talk with the experts and not get confused or bluffed.
Click Here to download this eBook (842 kb EXE).

101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start On The Internet With
Little Or No Money.

by Terry Dean.
This eBook is filled with details of 101 different types of Internet Businesses that you can start.   Most of them do not require much money to get started.
Click Here to download this eBook (732 kb EXE).

10 Commandments of Power Positioning.

by Michel Fortin.
It is crucial to your success that you position your product or service to maximise your sales efforts.   This eBook shows you how.
Click Here to download this eBook (422 kb EXE).

E-Zines - A Complete Guide to Publishing.

by Brajusta Publishing.
If magazine publishing on the Internet excites you then this is the Guide for you.   Packed full of useful information.
Click Here to download this eBook (563 kb EXE).

Make Money the eZine Way

by Rick Beneteau.
This eBook will take you step by step through the process of deciding what to publish, how often, how to market, how to sell advertising etc.   If you have the knowlege or the desire to share your interest in a particular subject then this will help you to profit by it.
ClickHere to download this eBook (594 kb EXE).

Scientific Advertising.

by Claude C Hopkins.
A fascinating book about the World of Advertising.   Useful for on or off line advertising many powerful concepts that are not being used currently in either area.   Give yourself an Unfair Advantage by Using Professional Techniques.
Click Here to download this eBook (944 kb EXE).

The Science of Getting Rich.

by Wallace D Wattles.
Timeless wisdom and a Practical, Step-by-Step prosperity program from a forgotten 1910 classic.   The principles introduced in this eBook are the original principles that almost every motivational style author has written about in their own books.   Read the original ideas from the man who discovered them.
Click Here to download this eBook (381 kb PDF).
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Retail Books - In Association with

Rich Dad Poor Dad.

by Robert T Kiyosaki.
What the Rich teach their kids about money - that the Poor and Middle Class do not!   Robert was raised by two Dads - this book explains the difference between their financial philosophies and why one stayed Poor while the other built a multi-million dollar business empire.   Practical, no-nonsense information to help You Build Personal Wealth.
Buy it today!

The Cashflow Quadrant.

by Robert T Kiyosaki.
Follows on from Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book shows you why some people Work Less, Earn More, Pay Less Taxes and Feel More Financially Secure than others.   If you want to move away from the wage slave life then this book will challenge you to do just that.   It will also show you How.
Buy it today!

The Richest Man in Babylon.

by George Cleeson.
A Step by Step guide to secure Wealth.   Written in an easy to understand style.   There are full explanations for each step for Easy Understanding and Easy Application of the Principals to Your Life.
Buy it today!
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eBooks You Can Buy On-line

Make Your Site Sell.

by Ken Evoy MD.
All the Information you need to design a Web site that Sells your product.   No theory, all tried and tested Information and Techniques. This would have to be THE most exciting product available on the Internet. If you really want to
build an Internet Business then you must have this eBook.
Click Here to download a FREE sample or to purchase your own copy.

Make Your Knowlege Sell

by Monique Harris.
YOU can do it! Everyone knows something. And that something has true value to others.   MYKS! shows e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e, clearly and exactly... How to pull it out of your brain.   How to publish it.   How to sell it on the Net.
Everyone really does have an infoproduct hidden within.   MYKS! is the only COMPLETE package -- from publishing to traffic-building to automating (no matter what your situation), it's the total package.
Click Here to download a FREE sample or to purchase your own copy.

Want to build a web site that works?

by Ken Envoy.
Like to build one of those hugely popular and financially rewarding web sites? Want to make your local business much more profitable? Site Build It! is the answer. Whatever type of business you have or want to have online or offline Site Build It! is the only complete system/approach that works. So good it is guaranteed.
Click here to learn more.

Internet Warriors.

by Allan Says.
The extensive range of FREE software, reports, eBooks, assistance etc available from this web site is truly mind blowing. Includes everything you need to get started on the path to Your Personal Wealth is here. Product, web hosting, email autoresponders, and step-by-Step instructions. You can only miss out by not starting.
Click Here for more details.

The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet.

by Cory Rudl.
Learn from the best. The owner of this site, Corey Rudl gets over 4 million visitors to his websites yearly, does 5.2 million dollars in sales online each year (yes, that is $5,200,000), and personally makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from his online businesses... all from his one small office. So listen to what he has to say, as he knows what he is talking about when it comes to starting and promoting a business on the Internet. He reveals all his unconventional tips, trick and techniques with examples so you can learn the most efficient and fastest way to make money on the Internet.
Click Here to go there now, I highly recommend it.
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Software to Help You.

Instant Creditor Letters

by Brent Milne.
This is a computer program which you can download to your desktop and use to create the letters you need to send to your creditors.   When you get into financial difficulty the very first thing you should do is to make contact with your creditors to let them know you are having problems and proposing a solution. This program makes the writing of such letters easy. Just follow the prompts and output the resulting letter in several formats for ease of use.
Click here to download Instant Creditor Letters (93 kb EXE).

Instant Credit Dispute Letters

by Brent Milne.
This is a computer program which you can download to your desktop and use to create the letters you need to send to the credit reporting company.   You are able to get a copy of your credit report once per year for free. This is actually a good idea and you should take advantage of this to catch reporting problems before they become a huge issue. This program makes the writing of the dispute letters easy. Just follow the prompts and output the resulting letter in several formats for ease of use.
Click here to download Instant Credit Dispute Letters (93 kb EXE).
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